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General Questions

How Can I Open The Side Menu?

1. Double click on the Navbar.
2. Click on the Menu Button
3. Go to the Settings Panel and click on Open

Why When I Click On A Link The Page Turns All White?

That is because the link item is linked to a interaction that changes the opacity of the page to 0%.

To fix this is very simple.

1. Select the link that gives the problem.
2. Go to the interactions Panel and change the interaction to none.

How Can I Add A New Faq Item?

1. First of all, you need to know how every Faq Item is made up.
Inside every Faq Item, there is a Question link box and a div called Hidden Item.
For every Faq Item there is a unique Hidden Item, numbered in this order: Hidden Item 1, Hidden Item 2, Hidden Item 3, etc.

2. Every Question link box is linked to a interaction.

Knowing that, you are ready to create a new Faq Item!

3. Watch this video:
In this video you will see:
-Copy and paste a Faq Item.
-Then, change the name of the new Hidden Item to the corresponding next number for the Hidden Item.
-Click on the Question link box and go to the Interactions Panel.
-There, just change open the interaction and change the name of the Hidden Item to the recent created name.
Seems, a little bit complicated but is not.
If you have a question please don't hesitate on contacting me.


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Current Version

1.4 A bug showing all tags for all posts, was corrected. Some font colors were improved for better readability.

1.3 Interaction added to Navbar, Move On Scroll interactions added to be easier to use.

1.2 Interaction on the burger menu and menu items were removed, was causing weird bug on open close. Thank you 🙏 Nick for letting me know about this bug.

1.1 Hero section size was changed from 80 vh to 700 px; changed bg to fix bg. Footer menu titles size changed.

1.0 Initial Template Version